Draeiri Wiki

'WEEE!! I'm losing my MIND!'

The plane of Excitement and Ecstasy

  • Vaguely material, mostly flashes and sensational exaggerations.
  • Serves no tangible purpose but is rarely used to permanently destroy things.
  • Anything that enters this plane rapidly gains pure energy, this has a few effects:
    1. Beings that enter this plane gain so much energy that they have a hard time remaining who they are, they will only manage to do this for roughly 30 seconds.
    2. After the first 30 seconds of something being inside this plane, it starts rapidly deconstrusting itself, losing a sense of self to ecstasy if one was present. Creatures' skin starts peeling away, revealing fleshy energy. Beings without form are lost at this point and completely evaporate into The Wildlands. A creature can still be restored by being brought to The Low for the same amount of time as they were in The Wildlands.
    3. If something is still in The Wildlands after 60 seconds it is no longer possible to restore it and starts to dissipate into The Wildlands, completely vanishing after another 30 seconds. (Imagine a cup of water evaporating, the steam escapes and is gone)
  • As the plane adds energy, it can bring energy levels up to normal in beings who's levels are too low.
  • The counterpart of The Low.